Essential Time Management Tips For A Productive Lifestyle

By | Marzo 28th, 2017|Continuous Learning, Workhacks|

Time management and task prioritization are essential skills to develop in order to make the very best use of your own efforts and those of your team. They are also skills that you need to create calmness and space in your life so that you can focus your energy and attention on the things that [...]

Professional network! Where should I start?

By | Marzo 13th, 2017|Continuous Learning, Workhacks|

Everyone knows the power of a professional network. Better job opportunities and expanding your professional circle of contacts are just two benefits of networking—but what if you don’t know how? Of course, you can do the ‘easy’ part —printing off business cards, joining a professional association and creating a LinkedIn account is a great way [...]

How To Stand Out In A Job Interview

By | Marzo 13th, 2017|Workhacks|

Be prepared for your next job interview in English. You may be surprised by some of these requirements but they may just help you understand how to stand out in a job interview. 1. They are a little ‘unusual.’ Conventional people have conventional ideas. Are you trying to jump start your department? Look for someone [...]

Slangs you need to know to stay cool

By | Febrero 21st, 2017|Fun English, Tendencias|

Do you know these slangs? Got a bromance going on? Fancy a night out on the toot? Worried about being in the ketchup?   If you watch TV programs like MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore,’ you’ll hear phrases like bromance, chillax and swag. These are American slangs that are creeping into the vocabularies of English speakers around [...]

Learn English faster – 5 tips to kick-start

By | Febrero 2nd, 2017|Continuous Learning, Fun English|

Every year, be it subconsciously or not, we tend to reassess our lives. We think about where our career is going, how personal relationships are doing and make a bid to lead a healthier lifestyle. Seeing as this is a blog for those wanting to learn English, I figured that it’d make sense to come [...]

Weather idioms that will improve your English skills

By | Febrero 1st, 2017|Continuous Learning, Fun English|

Everyone knows that discussing the weather is one of the Human Race’s most treasured past times – especially in the UK. During my visit there, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy three whole days of warm and sunny weather, but I knew it wouldn’t last. And sure enough, today the good old British gray skies [...]

It’s Valentine’s Day – Are You In The Mood For Love?

By | Febrero 1st, 2017|Continuous Learning, Fun English|

It’s February—the month of love and St. Valentine’s Day! If you are single, it could be one of the more depressing times of the year. However, if you have a sweetheart, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate your other half and show them how much you care. It’s been hotly debated as to [...]