Can dust make you fat?

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Can dust make you fat? More than two in three American adults are considered overweight or obese, and while experts usually blame that on poor diet and a lack of physical activity, research from Duke University points to another potential factor: household dust. Yeah, you read that right! New research suggests we should [...]

Pack your Bags and get ready!

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Plan your next trip! When you are planning your next trip, don't just play it safe, rather, think carefully about timing, affordability and special events that can transform that vacation into the holiday of a lifetime. With the help of the website at we've compiled a list of vacation destinations that should [...]

Why Cooking is Cool

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Why cooking is cool Cooking is becoming trendy and even if we don’t cook we get to enjoy other people’s food.  Cooking used to be something that was a chore. But now it’s considered cool to cook and we’re going to tell you why. You know what you’re eating If you’re in a restaurant you [...]

Burgers on the Grill!

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Summertime... and the living is easy. And so is dinnertime. Everyone loves burgers on the grill, right? They are easy to make, you can serve them with an array of sides, and add your own tastes with your favorite toppings. Check out these life hacks that will make you Queen or King of the Burger [...]

Estudiar en verano és más eficaz y aumenta tu empleabilidad

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¿Quién no ha pensado en estudiar en verano lo que no ha podido dedicar durante el año? Son muchas las personas que querrían dedicar tiempo a estudiar durante el año, ya sea un área específica de su oficio, una habilidad o un idioma, pero no disponen del tiempo deseado y necesario. Estas intenciones se van [...]

Swearing in the USA

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Survival Skills for Urban Living in an English-Speaking Country Survival Skills for Urban Living in an English-Speaking Country Swear words, also known as curse words, cuss words, bad words and obscenities, are not usually taught in English language programs because they are thought of as taboo. But in reality, this language is part [...]

Management Styles: What works for you?

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Managers have the power to set the tone for their departments; and often, success depends on the strength of that leader-team relationship. But how can you foster achievement when your team has as many personalities as it does members? What’s the right management style for you? Read on to learn about three common manager [...]

Time to Learn How to Argue In English

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It´s time to learn how to argue in english! As a foreigner living in Barcelona, I know how hard it is to argue in a language that is not your own. It’s in these moments that I can never find the words to express what I’m trying to say. This has lead me to think [...]