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Online English classes in open groups every day

Our open classroom gives you the opportunity to build confidence and fluency by speaking English in small groups of up to 6 students with a certified teacher. Speak English for 25 minutes every day!

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Online English classes in open groups every day!

All our courses include free access to Love Speaking Café. Have you ever thought how much faster you would improve your English if you had the opportunity to speak every day? Now, with Love Speaking Café, you can talk every day, from anywhere you like, in small, open groups with a certified teacher!

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Café plataforma de idiomas

Real English

Up-to-the-minute content

Love Speaking Café is designed to recreate a real-world environment as closely as possible. Groups of students with different levels discuss relevant topics in a relaxed and informal class environment.

Classes every day

If you want to speak well, you need to practice

These practical 25-minute sessions take place every half hour, so it’s easy to fit a quick break for “Café” into your busy schedule.

Learn English in the Cloud

Focused on fluency

We use special activities based on news articles, videos and other material from around the web to generate lively and interesting discussions. You’ll have so much fun you’ll forget you’re in a class!

Love Speaking student taking classes from her smartphone

It’s free!

Practice your English every day without any extra costs

We’ve included Love Speaking Café for free with all our courses, in order to give you as much opportunity to practice your English as possible!

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How do the classes work?

1. Go into the Café section

Go into Café

You’ll see access to the Café section when you log onto the platform.

2. Join one of the sessions

Join one of the small groups of students

We have 25-minute sessions taking place every half an hour. If you arrive early, make the most of the time to prepare the activity or review our Café set-up tips and demo video.

Aula virtual

3. Go into the virtual classroom

Attend your class with just one click

During the session, the teacher will facilitate a discussion on that day’s topic, which could be related to current affairs, real-life business situations or lifestyle matters. We have a new topic every day.

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I’ve always wanted to attend conversation classes in order to supplement my English course with extra speaking practice, but it was difficult to find the time to actually get to a language school to do it. With Love Speaking, I can connect to classes every day without having to waste time travelling!

Isabel F, Journalist


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