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Legal Notice

1. Legal Notice

The personal information you provide on this website will be collected by Learnlight Software, S.L., and Learnlight Services, S.L., (hereinafter referred to as “Learnlight”), with the following contact details:

The particulars identifying the companies providing this service through the web site are as follows:

Company name Learnlight Software, S.L. Learnlight Services, S.L.
Registered office Rambla de Catalunya, 33 – 08007 Barcelona Rambla de Catalunya, 33 – 08007 Barcelona
Tax ID card number B-85123289 B-65124851
Companies’ Registry Registration Entered on the Barcelona Companies’ Registry at Volume 41361, Sheet 196, Section 0, Page B 3,916,322, Entry number 1 Entered on the Barcelona Companies’ Registry at Volume 41361, Sheet 196, Section 0, Page B 3,916,322, Entry number 1
Telephone +34 935 107 287 +34 935 107 287

1. Send advertising material by different means, including electronic. The purpose of this will be to inform users of the different services provided by Learnlight, as well as of any events the company organizes.

2. Respond to user information requests. The data will only be collected lawfully, with the user’s consent. Such consent can be withdrawn at any time, but this withdrawal will not affect any prior use of the information. The user is under no obligation to provide consent but, without it, certain services will be impossible to provide. It is necessary to provide personal information if you wish us to respond to any requests hereby formulated or to receive information regarding company products and services.

3. Render the services hired by the user. In this case, the information will be used subject to the legal relationship established between the parties. The user is required to provide the necessary personal information; otherwise, the services will be impossible to provide.

The information will be kept as long as necessary to respond to user requests, claims, queries or complaints. Once they are considered closed, it will be stored as communications history, unless the user requests its destruction by sending an email to the address above. Additionally, if the user hires our services, the information will be stored as long as the services are being provided and even after their completion, to respond to any legal actions that may arise as a result of the rendering of the services. Should the information be collected for advertising purposes, it may be stored indefinitely, unless the user did not consent to receive advertising materials.
Users accept the use and storage of any data collected as a result of their use of the website or obtained from any forms that they have filled out, as specified above.

Any person who provides third-party information on this website must obtain prior consent, informing said party of the contents of Article 14 in the Personal Information Protection Act.
Additionally, Learnlight will publish information regarding events, special offers or any form of advertising of its products and services. Simply by becoming “friends” or “followers”, users agree to receive said information on their social media profiles. To stop receiving it, the user will have to stop following Learnlight on social media.

With regard to the data collected, users may exercise all the rights recognized in the Data Protection Act, specifically the right to access, modify, cancel, oppose, limit and transfer their personal information, provided it is lawful. To exercise these rights, users must send a signed copy of their request in writing indicating the right they wish to exercise and include a copy of their Identity Card or another valid document as proof of identity.
Learnlight agrees to use the personal information provided by the user according to the terms of this Privacy Policy, to respect confidentiality and to fulfill its duty to keep the information safe and take all the necessary steps to prevent loss and unauthorized changes, use or access, in full compliance with the data protection legislation in force.

The user shall be solely responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the data provided both on the website and on social media. The data provided to take part in events or benefit from offers must be truthful, accurate, complete and updated; if not, the user will be held liable for providing false information. Any use of the web site converts the visitor into a User (hereinafter the “User” or “Users”) and implies the acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions for using the Service. Users must, therefore, read the present document carefully each time the plan to use the web site as it may be amended from time to time.

  1. Access to the web site is unrestricted and free of charge except with regard to the connection cost associated with the telecommunications network supplied by the access provider hired by each User.
  2. Users wishing to receive information by telephone or through their email address must complete and submit the corresponding forms available on the web site.